How is the order progressing?

1. Product Selection:

As a first step, choose the product that suits your needs by reviewing our product range on our website.

2. Add to Cart:

Once you have selected the service that suits your needs, add it to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

3. Confirm Cart:

Check your cart and review the services and quantities you have selected. If necessary, you can edit or add services at this stage.

4. *Address Information:

Enter your delivery address to indicate where we should send your order. Also check your contact information at this stage.

5. Payment Method Selection:

Select your preferred payment method for a secure checkout process. You can use credit card, bank transfer or any other convenient payment option.

6. Complete Order:

After verifying all information, confirm your order by clicking "Complete Order" or a similar button.

7. Order Confirmation:

Once your payment has been successfully received, you will receive an email confirming your order. This email will contain your order number and basic information.

8. *Shipping:

Once we have shipped your order, we will receive your goods. We complete the transactions safely and quickly within the specified time. We then ship it back to the address you specified.

9. Delivery:

Your order will reach you within the specified delivery time. If you experience any problems during the order, you can contact our customer service team.

10. Satisfaction Survey:

A satisfaction survey may be sent to you after the delivery of your order. Evaluating your experience and receiving your feedback will help us improve the quality of our service.

*Articles 4 and 6 are only valid for our photo shoot services.

Should I place a separate order for each product?

Yes. You should create as many orders as your product quantity. If you increase the number of products, you can benefit from advantageous prices.

For each product, 1 360-degree video and 4 High Definition Photos are delivered.

Which products are suitable for shooting?

We can shoot for all kinds of products in our studio.

What is 360° video? How is it useful?

In 360° Video, the product rotates 1 full turn. It allows your product to be seen from every direction and in every detail. This not only helps to increase sales, but also plays an important role in reducing returns. Because we know that returns are one of the most undesirable situations for e-commerce stores.

Do you also take Lifestyle Photos?

Yes, we make concept shots for you in our studio in line with your wishes.