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Professional | Website Setup

Professional | Website Setup

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Our professional package is our most comprehensive solution designed specifically for experienced entrepreneurs and corporate clients who want to be among the leaders in the world of online commerce. In addition to the features of the basic and standard packages, this package includes a range of advanced features and tools to help businesses maximize their online presence.

Features of the professional package include customizable design options. Businesses can take the basic design further to create a unique brand identity. They can also serve international markets more effectively and expand their customer base with multi-language options.

Strong payment and security measures help businesses provide their customers with a safe shopping experience. The professional package supports different payment options and includes the necessary security protocols for secure payment transactions. This is an important factor in gaining customer trust and building loyalty.

The professional package provides access to advanced marketing tools. These tools aim to create special offers and discount options, increase customer loyalty and optimize sales. Professional-level customer support and prioritized technical support allow businesses to deal with any issues quickly and effectively.

All in all, the Professional package offers a complete solution for large-scale businesses looking to take the lead and gain a competitive advantage in online commerce. The suite offers a comprehensive solution by combining a range of powerful tools to help businesses strengthen, expand and optimize their online presence. The professional suite aims to provide customers with the ultimate online shopping experience and helps businesses build a successful online presence.

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  • Responsive Design

  • Content Entry

  • Payment Gateway

  • Plugin Integration

  • Revision

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    30 days

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