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Standart | Website Setup

Standart | Website Setup

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Our standard package is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level and grow. In addition to the features of the basic package, the standard package has important features such as more customization possibilities, advanced analytical reports, SEO optimization and social media integration. In this way, medium-sized businesses can increase brand awareness and reach more customers.

The standard package includes several features to strengthen businesses' online presence. Firstly, the customization possibilities provided by the package allow businesses to project their brand identity more effectively. In addition to templates, users can customize details such as color options, fonts and logo placement.

Advanced analytical reports allow businesses to better understand customer behavior. This data provides valuable insights for identifying popular products, managing inventory, and optimizing marketing strategies. The standard package also includes SEO optimization features, which help businesses rank higher in search engines and reach potential customers more effectively.

Social media integration helps businesses expand their online presence. Customers' posts and interactions on social media platforms allow the brand to reach more people and increase its customer base. The standard package is designed to help mid-level businesses gain a competitive advantage.
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